It’s all about you and me Baby…

7 Apr

When you drain off all the fat, when you boil it all down, when you put it through a sieve and let the pointless and useless things fall through the mesh comes… everything comes down to one thing… FRIENDSHIP.

Art, Science, Learning, Family, Marriage, Money, Children, Sport, Health, Technology, Religion… whatever your passion of choice it is all utterly meaningless, a totally worthless dreck if it doesn’t set its foundations in the deep bonds of friendship.

Deathbed regrets are nearly always about relationships lost, not bank accounts unfilled, trips never taken, or dreams never satisfied…

Genuine Deep Friendship is the rare and valuable commodity that we are all searching for at the bottom of our soul. Dreams, wealth, achievement, family, faith and indeed love itself is only of value if it can be shared with another.

Friendship and Sharing can both exist on a superficial and even narcissistic level, but as we stumble crassly and awkwardly towards each other, even if our intentions are selfish, understand that the desire underneath all the crud is unadulterated and pure.

Friendship and Sharing… that’s what made Facebook and Twitter such a roaring success.


P:S: Yes… DRECK is a word…


One Response to “It’s all about you and me Baby…”

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