…Worship the Dreamweaver…

11 Apr

Don’t fall in love with your dream or fantasize about artistic success, riches, power or prestige.

Most dream chasers are naturally drawn towards the spotlight, but when we crave it, when we worship the idea of it… something terrible happens. We lose the purity in our art and the soul goes out of our music.

The moment we choose/make “our art” all about ourselves, we taint the purity of our creation with our own self-indulgence and we lose the trust of our audience.

The strong tendency to self-absorption and self promotion affects every artist, it doesn’t matter who we are, or what we have achieved; we have to work hard to fight against it.

The problem begins when we aspire and obsess about our dream, focusing on what it could do for us, rather than what it may lend to our audience. At the heart of the problem we have fallen in love with the dream… and have forgotten to worship the Dreamweaver.


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