…the wind blows…

14 Apr

The wind blows where-ever it chooses and so it should be with you. Sometimes it is so frustrating, I make my plans but nothing ever turns out exactly how I hoped or imagined, maybe you can relate…

From a creative standpoint the imagination is constantly thwarted and always disappointed… why? Because we are imagining things that do not yet exist… we dream an idea, we develop a concept, then we finally give birth to our creative baby AND… Voila.. it looks nothing like our original intention.

This happens in everyday life too… you expect the house to be clean when you come home, you imagine an item on a dinner menu tasting a certain way, you expect the friend you’ve talked too only on the phone to have a certain skin color… you imagined it all, you made it all up… Yes, the imagination is a very powerful and dangerous thing… UNLESS…

Your imagination lives in that magnificent place of surrender, constantly listening, re-engaging and re-imagining; malleable to reality without trying to dictate or predict the future… going where-ever the good wind blows.


One Response to “…the wind blows…”

  1. Mel April 25, 2011 at 2:47 pm #

    I totally believe in what you say… just sometimes you can feel very disheartened…

    I am always twisting and turning and I always have a few cards up my sleeve just in case!

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