…Why getting beaten up is good for you…

16 Apr

Sometimes life seems like a series of car crashes, constant arguments and disappointments. The collisions are actually good for us; conflict breaks us and sharpens us all at the same time.

Every time I bang into someone with a different argument, agenda or point of view, I am bought again to that simple place of humility and understanding… life is not “just” about me. I need these collisions, this conflict because without it I become the king of my own little world… and if I am honest… I am not really fit to be king.

This isn’t an individual journey, I was reminded again of this as I had brunch with two lovely friends (Kelvin & Kerry both in the film industry) today, each have skills and talents that I simply do not possess. The way they look at the world and the business of making films is different to mine, and I am lost without their point of view.

Understanding is a collaborative thing and  no one person has all the answers.


One Response to “…Why getting beaten up is good for you…”

  1. ernestinesplace April 16, 2011 at 4:11 pm #

    I think you are absolutely correct. It is not about the person but people co-existing. We all bring something to the table and the blending of our talents are making it worth while.

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