…oh how you posture…

21 Apr

Continuing from yesterdays post… the posture we adopt in our relationships with others is far more important than the language that we use. There is nothing worse than being preached at by a stranger, who hasn’t taken the TIME to listen to your story, your journey, what you have to offer…

Assumptions kill me, it doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong… they come from a place of high posture. High posture comes from a place of fear or ego; people run to higher ground when they are afraid. Being simple and being yourself is the only way that “true synergy” can occur in the collaborative process.

It’s difficult to let all your inadequacies hang out in a place like Hollywood where there is so much posturing, it’s tough to ask questions that highlight your ignorance in a place where everyone is trying to sell you… themselves. Yet, the prize in the end will go to the brave soul who is not afraid of his own ignorance… for only he will find true friends.


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