… dreams reborn…

24 Apr

Continuing from yesterday… if your dream has died, do not despair for it will be reborn; what you dreamed once you can dream again. I say again do not despair.

For we see so little of our dream, we understand only the tiniest portion of our own story, we see only the tiny thread of a great narrative that is being woven throughout all of time. Perhaps your dream had to die to germinate. Perhaps you believed it to be about one thing but it is/was about so much more!

Our dreams don’t exist in isolation, they are not woven and spun by the magic in our own minds, they are (I believe) planted inside of us by the hand of God himself.

The tomb was empty on Easter Sunday morning, what was forever lost was suddenly an miraculously forever found… do not despair… ask for another dream.

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One Response to “… dreams reborn…”

  1. Ascension For You April 24, 2011 at 12:09 pm #

    Great post….symbolism wonderful. Positivity and God’s love rules! Dave

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