I don’t want to join your conversation…

4 May

I am becoming morbidly averse to the frequency with which the word “conversation” is being used.

Yesterday somewhere in South Central, Los Angeles I am sure a young teenager was probably sent to the principles office for a “conversation” after bringing a firearm to school.

The trouble with “conversation” is that it is so overused, that the word is now broken and it needs to go away for a while before coming back. Conversation now means an overtly inane and self-important discussion where all parties pretend to have no agenda, it has now become a discussion without conflict or absolutes.

Conversation originally designed to enhance relationships is fast becoming a vehicle (method) for avoiding emotional conflict and is hence becoming detrimental. Are we pretending to listen and engage and then patting ourselves on the back for doing so?

Let’s get together for an argument instead.


One Response to “I don’t want to join your conversation…”

  1. John P May 5, 2011 at 1:17 am #

    It seems that In all the time a child spends at school, they would be lucky to have even half (a broken, unfinished) conversation with even one adult teacher. It’s down then, to a child’s parents in the rather short time they have with their children, to have conversations which are hard to base in actual shared interests and learning, perhaps during an outing.

    A conversation could be a complete friendly, honest and soulful exchange. Definitely that enhances relationships, increases the power of a person’s learning, wisdom and, common human interest. I would say it is glue in the social fabric, enhancing and initiating associations and projects,

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