Sometimes I feel chained…

5 May

Sometimes I feel chained creatively… by this I mean not free; do you relate?

I just know that there is more creativity, more freedom, more compassion, more life imprisoned deep inside of me; desiring to be let out, longing to be set free. What is it that imprisons me? What is it that imprisons you?

The battle we fight as creative people is not against flesh and blood. There is a type of evil that keeps our creativity in dark dungeons under lock and key, this is not a friendly foes.

These foes offer a place of comfort and a false peace; without risk or battle we will always remain in chains.


One Response to “Sometimes I feel chained…”

  1. Ascension For You May 6, 2011 at 6:10 am #

    So true indeed,… perhaps its fear….of ridicule, self-doubt, false desires and ego. We move forward with frustrations and angst when we should grasp the challenges and opportunities of life with and through love, peace and tranquility.
    We are our own worst enemy as we all so often forget to honour our hearts….pretending that our fickle minds know the truth. Our conscience is God ‘talking’ to us and our intuition and gut feelings the flags which wave in the breeze of emotional waters flowing over our beings. It is time for us all to stop walking into the shadow of our own illusion and confusion of our making….a time to reflect the sun and Son ‘within’ us and make all our true, worthwhile dreams come true. God Bless all. Dave

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