Dream Catching

7 May

This great “Seven Sentence” story was sent in to by R.G. Ryan out of Las Vegas. RG is an amazing writer and you can check out more of his stuff at R.G.Ryan

He sits there day after day in an office cubicle looking for all the world like one of the characters from a Dilbert comic strip…the only difference is, their lives are funny, and Duane’s is anything but.

He typically wears nondescript clothing stretched tightly over a body that has seen way too many double cheeseburgers; his face unremarkable save for the uncommonly sad eyes that peer in stuporous boredom through comically thick glasses.

Sometimes during the long, often sleepless hours of the night he allows his mind to roam freely across the landscape of the life he dreams of living—a best-selling novelist writing stories of passion and power.

But then the morning comes and with it the cold reality that dreams…are just that.

I’ve met many people just like Duane who have snuffed out the last, flickering embers of their dreams believing with a desolate conviction that there is no use in clinging to that which can never be.

Desperation is a relentless gray stalker, following us down the days, intent on sapping the last vestiges of hope from our souls and thereby turning destinies into a sad caricature of what might have been.

One songwriter has said, “If wishes were horses then dreamers would ride,” and this brief blog post is a call for dreamers to saddle up, because nothing beats despair like a well-envisioned dream and the one who walks steadfastly, unwaveringly toward its realization.


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