Do you master the alchemy of creativity?

14 May
  1. Could it be that the ethereal nature of fleeting, mental images, taken from the holographic fabric of multi-verses become the patterns for what we create in life?
  2. Thoughts that will be forgotten if we don’t harness their power on our minds, or represent them in a medium of choice, in time.
  3. How do you manage to capture  one single thought and allow it to big-bang into a genesis of ever-expanding universes and realities?
  4. Do you practice “dream catching” to keep a constant flow of ideas that your conscious mind transmutes from mental to physical energy, and into your work of art?
  5. Do you surf the waves of a common consciousness or Zeitgeist, reflecting an outer world?
  6. Do you take spoon fulls of the Quantum Minestrone of your inner worlds that enter the creative process to manifest in sounds, words, shapes, or images?
  7. No matter how you use your raw materials, as long as you master the alchemy of creativity and turn your wealth of unceasing originality into an abundance of life-enriching creation.


About: Lydia Proschinger – Bio
Twitter: @SerendipityJane


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