Creating from your Soul

28 May

For me, creativity comes most often, when I am quiet and not intentionally thinking about anything, many times just before falling asleep or when I am resting where it is quiet and peaceful.

I think of this as coming from my soul or spirit, a place where my truth, creativity and faith lives. I have much more faith in my writings when I stay close to my soulfulness rather then when I try to create from my mind alone.

Many times it can be very challenging for me, not to go back and change what I wrote the first time, thinking I can improve something. When I change things too much, I find I end up losing the very thing that I wanted in my art.

My art loses the soulfulness, my truth, the ability to deeply touch others. These are the very things I strive for in my writings so I try very hard to get out of my own way and just allow my soul to do the talking.


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