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Seven Sentence Revamp Coming Soon

6 May

After 675 blogs and two and a half years we have decided to revamp the Seven Sentence Experience. It’s been a wonderfully wild intrepid journey and I am so grateful for all the people who have walked, supported and encouraged me a long the way.

In the near future, we will be moving to our own URL and we will become a self-hosted WordPress Blog. This will really ramp up the quality of the site and will vastly improve our ability to engage you our reader, will look different though.

As we shape, mold and grow we are desperate for your input on how things are looking and feeling… I want it to be as much your site as much as it is ours.

In fact that is really the thing that is changing, after two and a half years I am a little sick of writing about myself and I would like to hear about you.


Courage is a Team Sport…

3 May

It’s tempting to believe that we can make it on our own …  we can’t because we weren’t designed too.

In the early stages of writing a script or a novel, creating a blog, or building a new start up, the initial creator(s) often do a lot of work… creating on their own.

We do this because we want to, but also because it appears necessary to get the ball rolling; it takes a lot of courage to be an inceptor, but it is foolishness to remain alone and singularly focused thereafter.

I have become somewhat of an expert in this type of foolishness for much of the past five years, I have worked long hours in solitude; it’s true that I have created much but it is also true that I have achieved little.

What are you creating right now… and what is your reason for doing it… what would you like to achieve?

Achievement in our creative endeavors always centers around the involvement of other people; whether that be agencies, labels, publishers, web designers, band members or best of all… the audience of friends that you create for…

DON”T BELIEVE A LIE…. You don’t need to be a success and have money you build a team… the internet allows you to do it right now.

This Blog Saved My Life…

29 Apr

This Seven Sentence Blog saved my life in a way that almost too incredible to imagine.

You may not be aware of my story…  I started this blog after a miraculous chance encounter with a stranger on a train in London (read about it here). Two and half years later and 665 posts later and I am still going strong… How did blogging save my life?

This blog saved my life, because it provided me with a creative outlet, it gave me a voice, it offered me an audience. For the artist who is waiting for their big break a “blog” is an almost essential form of self-expression.

Starting Monday we will be revamping “Seven Sentences” there are some very exciting things afoot… just you wait till Monday…

Leap and the wind will catch you…

19 Apr

I was reading the most excellent blog of Michael Hyatt this morning where he discussed the importance of “actively” following your dream. He quoted American naturalist John Burroughs who said… “Leap and the net will appear.”

We leap when we have a dream to create anything and we actually put pen to paper, or we pick up that phone, or we write that resignation letter. As Michael Hyatt so aptly put it… provision often follows risk (leaping), perhaps it happens this way because other people need to see that we are 100% serious before they themselves “leap” and follow.

Whilst provision often follows the “leap” there is unfortunately no guarantee, and the concrete is hard when you hit the pavement from the 33rd floor, that is why I trust not in the safety net far below (provision) but instead I trust in the wind that will blow me where-ever it chooses.

We leap towards our dreams with open hands, for the wind (God?), will take us places that we never could have imagined; to places more beautiful than our dreams, and sometimes to dark places… through dark valleys drenched with the shadows of death… but always through them.

Leaping is as much about journey as it is about your dream, and your journey is all about the wind.

…Why getting beaten up is good for you…

16 Apr

Sometimes life seems like a series of car crashes, constant arguments and disappointments. The collisions are actually good for us; conflict breaks us and sharpens us all at the same time.

Every time I bang into someone with a different argument, agenda or point of view, I am bought again to that simple place of humility and understanding… life is not “just” about me. I need these collisions, this conflict because without it I become the king of my own little world… and if I am honest… I am not really fit to be king.

This isn’t an individual journey, I was reminded again of this as I had brunch with two lovely friends (Kelvin & Kerry both in the film industry) today, each have skills and talents that I simply do not possess. The way they look at the world and the business of making films is different to mine, and I am lost without their point of view.

Understanding is a collaborative thing and  no one person has all the answers.

Stumble & Dream…

5 Apr

The dreamer often stumbles, weary and distraught he or she often thinks of turning back; sometimes it seems that the only thing to persist in any form of constancy is the dream itself.

I’ve been re-reading the blogs that I’ve written each day for the past two years. So much stumbling, so many false hopes, so many new ways of doing things…

Stumbling is part of dreaming. Yet though we stumble and doubt, ever so drunkenly along this narrow crooked path, we continue to dream of the impossible. This is the miracle of the dreaming; that the inextinguishable flame of faith and hope burning inside the core of the dreamer constantly flickers and dwindles, but it refuses to go out, it refuses to die.

You can’t stop dreaming so don’t stop believing…

I don’t feel like writing a blog today…

4 Apr

I don’t feel like writing a blog today, and so I blog about not wanting to write instead… You can only write or really create from a place of raw vulnerability and intense honesty. You have to start with what you know and what you feel; or conversely what you don’t know or don’t feel. Unless you start creating or moving from the space where you currently exist, you will be phoning it all in; writing another persons words, living a role, thinking way too much about other people’s expectations.

It’s the way you walk with that ugly limp that makes your gait stand out from the crowd. Don’t try to walk normally or it will hurt more, your limp is your least painful method of motion,  you don’t need to be ashamed of it.

My very first blog – two years ago

3 Apr

Below is my first blog entry from February 7th, 2009. What a crazy journey… It wasn’t even 7 sentences then…

I have a big dream. It’s crazy, illogical and marvelous. I want to make films that reach out and touch the world. The world is of course just ordinary people like you and me. I want to make the world richer and better for knowing me. Some of you reading of this may be thinking… “He’s such a dreamer!” Of course I am.

This week I was struck again by the notion that it is the truly small, innocent acts that change the world. Summer showers get a lot less publicity that tropical cyclones but they do a lot more good.

This week I witnessed the incredible joy of seeing a stranger I befriend, pay forward the message and befriend another stranger. It was beautiful to watch and it made my world feel good.

It’s the little interactions in our daily lives that have the great exponential power. The people you pass on your way today are important. Enjoy them and dream with me.

Grief in Belfast

1 Apr

Click on “Grief in Belfast” to view this short video.

Bullshit… you don’t know me well enough yet…

31 Mar

Last night I had a writing session with the incredibly talented Joel Sappington; together we’re developing a very unique, high concept television show. We have an overall concept, but at present we’re spending a lot of time on the front end; digging down deep, really getting to know our characters; this before we even develop a storyline, before we write a single word on the page.

If you don’t really know your characters first, then you are in big trouble, you’re in the poo because you are manipulating them to fit your plot lines; you have taken “choice” out of their hands and they have become puppets. Characters much like people are way more endearing when they are free to make their own choices… a free character is surprising, entertaining, dramatic and unpredictable.

The process of knowing your character is a never-ending love affair, as with people, there is always more to know, more to learn, more to uncover, more to love. You have to spend a lot of time with a character to really get to know him or her on an intrinsically personal level, you have to be vulnerable with them, you have to share yourself and the whole spectrum of your life’s experiences; you have to ask them difficult questions…

There are so many layers, so many secrets and dreams hidden in the dark private places of every soul, don’t get bored, don’t make assumptions, take your character out for coffee and spend a little time on the getting to know process.

P:S: Click here for a list of questions you can ask your Characters.

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