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… dreams reborn…

24 Apr

Continuing from yesterday… if your dream has died, do not despair for it will be reborn; what you dreamed once you can dream again. I say again do not despair.

For we see so little of our dream, we understand only the tiniest portion of our own story, we see only the tiny thread of a great narrative that is being woven throughout all of time. Perhaps your dream had to die to germinate. Perhaps you believed it to be about one thing but it is/was about so much more!

Our dreams don’t exist in isolation, they are not woven and spun by the magic in our own minds, they are (I believe) planted inside of us by the hand of God himself.

The tomb was empty on Easter Sunday morning, what was forever lost was suddenly an miraculously forever found… do not despair… ask for another dream.

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…Crucified Dreams…

23 Apr

Don’t you hate it, when a “precious dream” dies. Even though the most optimistic, positive people have to face the fact that “our lives” are filled with passing unfulfilled, incomplete dreams. Dreams that never took flight, dreams that never lived, dreams that died before their time.

Your dream could be a piece of art, your dream could be a career, it could be a marriage, a child or a friend. This world is not perfect, we don’t always get what we want.

If your dream has died a lonely death, if your dream is slipping out of your tightly clenched hands… grieve my friends grieve… Don’t deny the pain of what was lost, but don’t stay wallowing in your pain forever either.

Nearly two thousand years ago, the christian story tells us that a dream was utterly destroyed on a Friday… and on the Saturday, the dreamers wept and struggled with despair… but the next day the tomb was empty and the dream was reborn… in a form more magnificent than they could ever have imagined.

Leap and the wind will catch you…

19 Apr

I was reading the most excellent blog of Michael Hyatt this morning where he discussed the importance of “actively” following your dream. He quoted American naturalist John Burroughs who said… “Leap and the net will appear.”

We leap when we have a dream to create anything and we actually put pen to paper, or we pick up that phone, or we write that resignation letter. As Michael Hyatt so aptly put it… provision often follows risk (leaping), perhaps it happens this way because other people need to see that we are 100% serious before they themselves “leap” and follow.

Whilst provision often follows the “leap” there is unfortunately no guarantee, and the concrete is hard when you hit the pavement from the 33rd floor, that is why I trust not in the safety net far below (provision) but instead I trust in the wind that will blow me where-ever it chooses.

We leap towards our dreams with open hands, for the wind (God?), will take us places that we never could have imagined; to places more beautiful than our dreams, and sometimes to dark places… through dark valleys drenched with the shadows of death… but always through them.

Leaping is as much about journey as it is about your dream, and your journey is all about the wind.

…Why getting beaten up is good for you…

16 Apr

Sometimes life seems like a series of car crashes, constant arguments and disappointments. The collisions are actually good for us; conflict breaks us and sharpens us all at the same time.

Every time I bang into someone with a different argument, agenda or point of view, I am bought again to that simple place of humility and understanding… life is not “just” about me. I need these collisions, this conflict because without it I become the king of my own little world… and if I am honest… I am not really fit to be king.

This isn’t an individual journey, I was reminded again of this as I had brunch with two lovely friends (Kelvin & Kerry both in the film industry) today, each have skills and talents that I simply do not possess. The way they look at the world and the business of making films is different to mine, and I am lost without their point of view.

Understanding is a collaborative thing and  no one person has all the answers.

…Worship the Dreamweaver…

11 Apr

Don’t fall in love with your dream or fantasize about artistic success, riches, power or prestige.

Most dream chasers are naturally drawn towards the spotlight, but when we crave it, when we worship the idea of it… something terrible happens. We lose the purity in our art and the soul goes out of our music.

The moment we choose/make “our art” all about ourselves, we taint the purity of our creation with our own self-indulgence and we lose the trust of our audience.

The strong tendency to self-absorption and self promotion affects every artist, it doesn’t matter who we are, or what we have achieved; we have to work hard to fight against it.

The problem begins when we aspire and obsess about our dream, focusing on what it could do for us, rather than what it may lend to our audience. At the heart of the problem we have fallen in love with the dream… and have forgotten to worship the Dreamweaver.

The $2 Chimpanzee

9 Apr

When we were less enlightened we used to train Chimpanzee’s to dress up as people and entertain us by putting on tea parties.

While this was highly entertaining for some us, it was not much fun for the Chimpanzee. Year after year of performing, day after day of being forced to dress somebody else’s clothes, performing one cheap trick after another something happened to the Chimpanzee’s… they all went MAD.

One chimp exploded into a violent uncontrollable bout of rage, she turned over all the dinner tables, she broke all the china and she attacked her trainer leaving him close to death on life support. Other Chimps simply fell into deep bouts of depression, some developed early onset dementia. Suddenly all the people felt a little bad for paying $2 to watch Marge and George nibble on biscuits and drink Earl Gray tea and the tea parties were over…

A Chimpanzee is meant to be a Chimpanzee, AND a person is meant to live inside their own skin, not forced to play a different role for a mere $2.

It’s all about you and me Baby…

7 Apr

When you drain off all the fat, when you boil it all down, when you put it through a sieve and let the pointless and useless things fall through the mesh comes… everything comes down to one thing… FRIENDSHIP.

Art, Science, Learning, Family, Marriage, Money, Children, Sport, Health, Technology, Religion… whatever your passion of choice it is all utterly meaningless, a totally worthless dreck if it doesn’t set its foundations in the deep bonds of friendship.

Deathbed regrets are nearly always about relationships lost, not bank accounts unfilled, trips never taken, or dreams never satisfied…

Genuine Deep Friendship is the rare and valuable commodity that we are all searching for at the bottom of our soul. Dreams, wealth, achievement, family, faith and indeed love itself is only of value if it can be shared with another.

Friendship and Sharing can both exist on a superficial and even narcissistic level, but as we stumble crassly and awkwardly towards each other, even if our intentions are selfish, understand that the desire underneath all the crud is unadulterated and pure.

Friendship and Sharing… that’s what made Facebook and Twitter such a roaring success.


P:S: Yes… DRECK is a word…

The Fighter…

6 Apr

Imagine a person not without fear, but imagine one who completely embodies the essence of courage. Go on imagine, who is that person…

In my mind I see a man, a man who kicks down doors, and breaks through barriers of hatred and loathing; a man who brings joy, laughter, friendship and peace to the dry, parched, dark places on this seemingly God-forsaken earth.

I am convicted by the knowledge that I am often afraid of even my own shadow; for when I stare into the murky pond of life, my own dim reflection haunts me and causes my dry bones to shiver. I fear simultaneously the “lack of who I am” and the promise of who I could be…

But you cannot find your life in shadows or in dim reflections, for they are bound up in the surreal and the cerebral, they are mere holograms. We must come out of the shadows and into the glorious light of grace, we must escape ourselves and find ourselves in the good hands of Christ before we kick down any doors.

Stumble & Dream…

5 Apr

The dreamer often stumbles, weary and distraught he or she often thinks of turning back; sometimes it seems that the only thing to persist in any form of constancy is the dream itself.

I’ve been re-reading the blogs that I’ve written each day for the past two years. So much stumbling, so many false hopes, so many new ways of doing things…

Stumbling is part of dreaming. Yet though we stumble and doubt, ever so drunkenly along this narrow crooked path, we continue to dream of the impossible. This is the miracle of the dreaming; that the inextinguishable flame of faith and hope burning inside the core of the dreamer constantly flickers and dwindles, but it refuses to go out, it refuses to die.

You can’t stop dreaming so don’t stop believing…

I don’t feel like writing a blog today…

4 Apr

I don’t feel like writing a blog today, and so I blog about not wanting to write instead… You can only write or really create from a place of raw vulnerability and intense honesty. You have to start with what you know and what you feel; or conversely what you don’t know or don’t feel. Unless you start creating or moving from the space where you currently exist, you will be phoning it all in; writing another persons words, living a role, thinking way too much about other people’s expectations.

It’s the way you walk with that ugly limp that makes your gait stand out from the crowd. Don’t try to walk normally or it will hurt more, your limp is your least painful method of motion,  you don’t need to be ashamed of it.

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