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A little click can go a long way…

29 Oct

I really need your help… You can help me by clicking on these links and telling all your friends about what I am trying to do here. You can do this through word of mouth, via email, by tweeting this blog or by sharing it on Facebook.

It seems cheeky, weak or even vulnerable to ask for your help in this way. But I need to be humble and admit that I can’t do it on my own… The more people that join this blog, the greater our internet statistics and Facebook memberships that we have the better. It’s a key statistic that will encourage investors to our fantastic project.

And so I humbly request your help…

The “Lucky & Rich” Website :

Lucky & Rich Website

The Adventures of Scrap Website – An Interactive Shaggy Dogs Tale:

The Adventures of Scrap Website

Marketing Your Art Website – Social Media Tips & Discussion for Artists:

Marketing Your Art

World 3-legged Dog Idol – The Website Home for our 3-legged Dog Show.

World 3-legged Dog Idol

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