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Grief in Belfast

1 Apr

Click on “Grief in Belfast” to view this short video.


The Devil You Meet…

26 Mar

Here’s the first film, I wrote and directed straight after film school… enjoy

You think you’ve got it bad, this guy has no arms and no legs!

1 Nov

Getting shit under your manicured fingernails…

25 Oct

Some of you maybe upset with the cuss word in the title of my last two blogs. Some of you maybe so upset that you unsubscribe from this blog.

But what you should know is that every sixty seconds two children in the world are sold into sexual slavery… It is a beautiful world, and a wonderful life full of opportunities. This is definitely true for you, if you are able to read this blog; and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it at all; in fact it should fill your heart with gratitude and awe!

But it is not such a beautiful world, and the opportunities are very few, if you are seven years old and been sold five times a night on the streets of India, and neither is it such a beautiful world, if you are a Russian teenager being farmed out to the rich and famous from brothel shops in West LA.

If things are to change, someone, maybe you or me, may have to get a little shit under our manicured fingernails.

Check out this video from Love 146 & Tweet it.

Freedom from… not freedom to…

20 Oct

My currently Bohemian and somewhat nomadic lifestyle, causes me to pause and think a lot about freedom. It’s easy to believe that to be “free” is to be able to do whatever you want, whenever you want too; and it’s true, that is a type of freedom. It’s such a pity that sometimes we consider freedom to be an external pursuit and not an internal one?

Why is it then that a homeless bum with no more than fifty cents in his pocket, feels “free enough” to sing a creaky tune in public, and yet a singer like Britney Spears with all the money in the world is so bound up by the opinions of others that she would rather lip sync a song she’s sung ten thousand times than take the risk of missing a note? One of these people has everything, the other has nothing.

Freedom of course should not be confused with carefree abandonment, although abandonment from self is the only way you can truly be free. A wise man once said you can’t serve two masters; one of them being yourself, the other is being someone much bigger and more benevolent than you and I.

P:S: Check out this photographic essay of Rich (our homeless bum) from our film “Lucky & Rich.” The music is an original piece from Josiah Ruis, and is a rough recording…

The Incredible Limbo Dancer

19 Jul

Sometimes the impossible is actually possible. I saw this guy limbo dance in Dublin two years ago and recorded him on my phone. I didn’t think this was possible.

Who is Kandice Melonakos?

7 Jun

Kandice Melonakos is an incredible singer with a voice from heaven, she is also my friend and she needs your help.

It’s really tough being a young artist but Kandice isn’t sitting around waiting for her phone to ring, she is determined to make it happen. Click on the photo below and find out how you can help her.

Mumford & Sons

5 Jun

I want to dedicate today’s blog to one of the hottest Independent Folk/Rock bands going round the globe at the moment. Last night I had the privilege of going to a “Mumford & Sons” concert at the Music Box in LA. 1500 people were packed into the house to hear these guys live. Without doubt it was the best live show that I have ever been too. Check out the video below…

Their music is unique, original and personal. Their lyrics chew up my soul.

Live your dream

3 Jun

Watch this video we shot in Prague and please live your dream… Especially look out for the slide down the escalator rail 😉

By sharing this on facebook you will help get this film-made. Click on the “F” below…

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Artist of the week…

27 Nov

Imagine me, thirteen years old, tight little school shorts and big thick glasses attempting to play the guitar. Next me is another small boy in equally tight shorts, both of us are trying to play G. This is a memory from third form music at Papatoetoe High school.

Fast forward three weeks and I am still trying to play a G, but the small boy next me has constructed something which sounds vaguely like a song. Fast forward twenty years and that small boy has released a “rock n’ roll” single that is ready to take on the world.

My acting teacher used to say that it took twenty years to become a great actor, my friend Huz has been playing music for twenty years and I think when you hear his band “Junipah’s” single you will agree that he is indeed a great musician. Download his single from I-Tunes it’s worth every cent.

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