Guest Blogs

After several request I am delighted to announce that we are now accepting  guest posts.  These will appear on the Saturday edition ofSeven Sentences.

Have your words read by a 1000 plus people each day, and have your message tweeted to another 5500 people… take the Seven Sentence Challenge.

Desirable Content:

Seven Sentences is a creative/artists based blog site… Hence forth your post should hover around one of the following topics:

  • Art & Faith
  • Creativity & Faith
  • Social Media/
  • Authentic storytelling
  • Social Justice & Story/faith
  • Acting
  • Writing
  • Your Story
  • Life & Creativity

Note: Your post cannot be an advertisement for your product or the equivalent of a sponsored post. 


  1. Your post should be original and not previously published on the web or anywhere else.
  2. You agree not to publish it anywhere else, including your own blog or Web site. You may, however, post a brief “tease” or summary on your site that links to the post.
  3. You may provide up to three byline links: one for your blog or Website, one for your Bio or About page, and one for your Twitter username.
  4. Your post should be only SEVEN SENTENCES LONG.
  5. Your post should NOT aim to preach, teach or persuade others… although your own journey and experience is valid.
  6. Your post should use everyday language.
  7.  “9 Ways Become an Exceptional Guest Poster” by Darren Rowse has some helpful tips and insights.


  • I will proof read your post. If I make substantive changes (unlikely), I will email it back to you for your approval.
  • I may provide a short introduction or conclusion to your post. I will make sure that my comments are set off from yours stylistically, so that my readers are clear that these are mine and not yours.


I understand how hard it is to write a blog post in Seven Sentences. However, the fact that you have written a post and submitted it to me does not obligate me to publish it. The only guest posts I will publish are those that in my sole judgment add value to my readers.

Furthermore, if I do not approve your guest post, I will not explain why I did not approve it or provide any detail… I just don’t have the time.


If your post meets the above guidelines:

  • Please email it to me for consideration. I will respond with a “yes” or “no” by the 1st of every month.
  • Please put your post in the body of the email rather than as an attachment. Email:
  • Please include the size of your readership: number of blog readers, Facebook friends or fans, and Twitter followers.
  • Please confirm that you are willing to engage with my readers in the comments about your post. This is hugely important and a non-negotiable.

If I don’t publish your post on the blog site itself, you are obviously free to do whatever you want with it. We would however, with your permission love to post all decent submissions to our Seven Sentence Face-Book Fan Page…

Thanks for being involved with Seven Sentences…



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