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How to be a “love magnet”…

30 Apr

This most excellent post is written by my new friend and Guest Blogger Dave Knight from Northamptonshire, England… Way to go Dave thanks for being our first Guest Blogger… add your comments and start a conversation with Dave...

It is when we are ‘still’ that our inner child becomes free. Our constraints are loosened, so that nothing can hold us back. There is no place we cannot be and there is no soul whose presence can’t be felt or seen. There is nothing that cannot be achieved if we remain in this place of peace and truth.

As time goes by and our ‘light’ becomes brighter, the creativity ‘within’ us expands and develops too. The gifts that we possess become focused and our abilities grow in so many ways. We need to remember, all our gifts (both spiritual and otherwise) are already in us and so that when we are ready to live in love, share love and be love, then true love is always returned ten fold back to us.

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