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Seven Sentence Audience Goes Through the Roof

1 May

The Monthly Round Up:

What an incredible month for Seven Sentences… more and more artists, bloggers, dreamers and believers are coming to our site and finding home…

In April Alone:

4800 Plus Page Views – 200% growth!
45 New Face-Book Fans- NEW FACE-BOOK PAGE HERE
56 Comments from Readers
75 Email Subscribers – SUBSCRIBE HERE

An exciting new opportunity for you to express yourself and GUEST BLOG (Click here). Already a  large number of readers have submitted blogs. So exciting to read your words “rather” than mine.

Here is a list of April’s Top Seven Posts:

  1. If you are a person full of ideas copping a lot of criticism read … Famous Wrong Predictions. 1593 people read this blog last month.
  2. Don’t worry about stumbling and doubting the path before you just read… Stumble & Dream.
  3. Discover why money will never make you happy while you are… Sitting on the Fat Camel.
  4. Is love good for your creativity…Stealing Ink from your Pen. 
  5. Creativity and love sleep in the same bed… Creativity & love.
  6. Write your own 7-Sentences & become a guest blogger… Guest Blog.
  7. How the homeless guy at the end of the off-ramp could save your life… An Unholy Story.

Upcoming Events:

Exciting times in May with the launch of a brand new site “SevenSentences.com” and a brand new logo. Stay tuned and spread the seven sentence feeling.


Sitting on the fat camel…

10 Apr

Money can make us very poor, not just the lack of it but the insatiable thirst for more of it.

When money, ambition or material things turn our eyes away from our family and friends we have not become rich, we have become very poor indeed… A mansion in the Hollywood Hills can easily become a lonely (but expensive) prison cell, held captive by our own greed.

This type of poverty can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime… we all have our addictions and devices… things that seduce us and call us away from simple friendship. It’s strange but sometimes the dude, that sleeps under a bridge has a far greater ability to share what he has and be a real friend than those of us who have so much more.

We all need grace, we all have a camel that is far to fat to get through the eye of a needle. We each have to get off our camels, if we wish to slip through our lonely prison cell bars and escape…

What’s your camel..? Mine is ambition…

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