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Courage is a Team Sport…

3 May

It’s tempting to believe that we can make it on our own …  we can’t because we weren’t designed too.

In the early stages of writing a script or a novel, creating a blog, or building a new start up, the initial creator(s) often do a lot of work… creating on their own.

We do this because we want to, but also because it appears necessary to get the ball rolling; it takes a lot of courage to be an inceptor, but it is foolishness to remain alone and singularly focused thereafter.

I have become somewhat of an expert in this type of foolishness for much of the past five years, I have worked long hours in solitude; it’s true that I have created much but it is also true that I have achieved little.

What are you creating right now… and what is your reason for doing it… what would you like to achieve?

Achievement in our creative endeavors always centers around the involvement of other people; whether that be agencies, labels, publishers, web designers, band members or best of all… the audience of friends that you create for…

DON”T BELIEVE A LIE…. You don’t need to be a success and have money you build a team… the internet allows you to do it right now.


Life is beautiful

16 Jul

There are several ways of looking at the same thing and this is what we call perspective. Different people view the same object, scenario or situation differently, they look at it through their own lens. If five different artists were to paint my portrait, each portrait would be completely different and yet each of them would look like me…

Arguments happen when two people see things from only one perspective (theirs) and they are convinced that the way they see it is the way it actually is. The great thing about being in a team is that you get to combine these different perspectives; it’s like building a 3 dimensional model… you get a much more rounded view of what you are actually creating. The more perspectives you have the richer the creation.

As a filmmaker I wish to investigate other peoples perspectives, the diversity is what makes life beautiful.

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